Thursday, November 10, 2011

CVS Green Bag Tag Program

I was so excited to come across this program because I'm a bargain shopper. CVS has this initiative to help their customers remember to bring their own shopping bags instead of using plastic ones.

Basically, you get a leaf tag that gets scanned along with your Extracare rewards card. However, every fourth time you bring in your own bag or refuse a plastic bag at check out, you earn $1 Extra Rewards Bucks.

The only thing that I'm not crazy about is that you have to buy this leaf tag for 99 cents. Since all other rewards cards are free, I'm not sure why customers have to pay for this one. I have to admit that it's worth it if you are a regular customer and keep your reusable shopping bags in your car like I do.

For anyone who is interested in this program and shops at CVS, I have attached the link for you to register.