Friday, May 27, 2011

Paperback Swap

A few posts ago, I mentioned ways to to donate books and tips to recycle them. I came across another website that allows you to swap paperback books.

It's free to be a member. You post books you are willing to giveaway. If someone requests it, you print out a couple of sheets of paper, wrap the book, and pay the postage which they say runs between $2-$2.50. The book is theirs to keep. Vice versa, if you find a book you want, you submit your request.

It's certainly cheaper than Amazon or bookstores, which in my area are dwindling. Borders just closed their doors in my town. I still get books from library book sales but this is a nice option if you don't have access to book sales.

For more information, you can go to

P.S. I included a photo of My Antonia because I just finished this book the other day. Very good read by the way.

Happy Reading!!!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Recycling Floppy Disks

Today, I cleaned out our home office to get ready for an upcoming garage sale that I am participating in my parent's neighborhood in a couple of weeks. The whole neighborhood holds an annual garage sale and it's well attended. I live in farm country so it's not worth having one at home.

Anyway, I found a pile of floppy disks from back in the day. Okay, ha, ha. I can honestly say that it's been a while since I cleaned the home office. I came across a company that recycles these disks. Although they say that they erase the info on them, I would take this advice with a grain of salt. I took the liberty of erasing the info on these disks and some were blank anyway.

So if it's been a while since you cleaned out your home office and are looking to recycle these babies, here's the info.

Just a note, if you have 500 disks or more, they are willing to pay for them. This is good news for companies who want to unload a ton of them.

Household items can make a difference

St. Joseph's Indian School helps Lakota (Sioux) children escape poverty through education. They have a list of things they need on their website and they update it regularly. So whenever you are getting rid of stuff, you can check the website to see if there is a need for it. Most of the time, it's everyday things you use at home.

Of course, they accept monetary donations and I personally have made a modest donation last year.

There are many things you might have lying around the house not being used like shampoo, pillows, scrapbooking supplies, kitchen utensils, etc. I have duplicates of scrapbook paper that I got in a book which I won't use so I think the kids could benefit from making projects with it. I just have to find a mailer that can hold 12x12 paper.

Here is the link to the list of supplies that St. Joseph's needs in case you are interested... http://

Saturday, May 7, 2011


Terracycle is a company that was started by two guys in college who created the company for one of their classes. Terracycle partners with other companies to collect specific items and reuse them in new ways.

Now they have a new program just in time for summer. If you have lots of old flip flops lying around collecting dust or you can collect lots of them. Please go to to sign up for the program.

These programs are usually not ongoing and are often capped with the number of items they will take. Not shipping costs and proceeds can be donated to a favorite charity. I've participated in the soda bottle brigade in the past and now I am collecting highlighters, sharpies, pens and tape dispensers. I prefer sandals over flip flops but I know lots of people love them so here is an opportunity to put them to a new use.

BTW, there is a new post on composting natural fibers. Please view the March folder to find out more.