Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Eco Tips on Used Tea Bags

I have a wonderful local publication that I pick up at the grocery store called Natural Awakenings. In their September issue, they had an article that gave ideas to extend the life of a tea bag. They stated that discarded tea bags add up to 1,500 tons of landfill waste annually. I personally compost mine (after removing the metal staple) but I am inspired to try some of these ideas before they go to the compost pile.

  • Tea bags can be used as a compress for bee stings, bug bites, sunburn and bruises. It is supposed to help with pain and reduce inflammation.

  • Make plantar warts disappear by pressing a warm, wet tea bag directly to the area for 10-15 min. Then let the area dry naturally. After a few days of repeated treatment, the wart should go away. Hmmm? Not sure about that one.

  • Green tea bags can be put in warm bath water and soaking in green tea is supposed to give you soft skin.

  • Puffy eyes can be helped with cold used tea bags. The tannin in the tea is supposed to help with this.

  • Razor burn can be relieved by pressing a tea bag to irritated skin.

  • Dabbing skin with a moist tea bag is supposed to dry up the rash.

  • Opening the bag and mixing the contents in soil can perk up acid-loving plants like ferns, roses, hydrangea, azaleas, etc.

These ideas were adapted from a website called ChasingGreen.org

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