Monday, April 9, 2012

Multi-tasking Kitchen Tool

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter or Passover holiday this week.
We went a little overboard with the food but it sure was good.
This makes me think of some cooking tips I read in Real Simple Magazine about having multiple uses for Jelly Roll Pans. We all have them in our kitchens and they take up a lot of space in our cabinets. But jelly roll pans can be used for so much more than making lasagna. For instance....
  • If you are one of those cooks who doesn't mind a little help in the kitchen, this tip will save you lots of time. You can use the larger ones to corral ingredients for side dishes or a few main dishes. Each helper can grab their pan of ingredients and it helps reduce time wasted searching for what you need.

  • Pans are great for catching drips in the oven or I fill my glass ones with water when making cheesecakes. This increases the humidity in my oven and prevents my cheesecakes from cracking.
  • Use them for making a deep dish pizza Chicago-style.
  • It's also an ideal tool to freeze cookie dough or berries for later use.

I hope at least one of these tips help my fellow cooks and bakers out there. The first one helped me the most.

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