Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Drowning in stuffed animals

There is a stage of motherhood where stuffed animals invade your home. And I do mean invade. Some of my childhood toys were kept for my kids to enjoy. Others were gifts when the babies were born. Some were given by family members when their kids got too old to enjoy them. And the rest, heaven only knows where the heck they came from. These are only a sampling of what he has.

Since clutter tends to stress me out, I'm doing my best to deal with it and allow my son to enjoy this "babies" as he totes them around the house in his bag then proceeds to dump them in every room in the house he happens to be playing in. I've taken photos of him with his friends for his scrapbook to enjoy. I plan on letting him keep the ones that are the most special to him.

But what to do with the others? There is a firehouse locally that accepts stuffed animals in good condition to give to children who experience the trauma of losing their home to a fire. If you are looking to tackle your stuffed animal dilemma, check with your local firehouse to see if there is a similar program. If not, there is an organization called SAFE who takes gently used stuffed animals to homeless shelters, hosptials and emergency aid works like paramedics and firefighters.

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