Saturday, May 7, 2011


Terracycle is a company that was started by two guys in college who created the company for one of their classes. Terracycle partners with other companies to collect specific items and reuse them in new ways.

Now they have a new program just in time for summer. If you have lots of old flip flops lying around collecting dust or you can collect lots of them. Please go to to sign up for the program.

These programs are usually not ongoing and are often capped with the number of items they will take. Not shipping costs and proceeds can be donated to a favorite charity. I've participated in the soda bottle brigade in the past and now I am collecting highlighters, sharpies, pens and tape dispensers. I prefer sandals over flip flops but I know lots of people love them so here is an opportunity to put them to a new use.

BTW, there is a new post on composting natural fibers. Please view the March folder to find out more.

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