Friday, May 27, 2011

Paperback Swap

A few posts ago, I mentioned ways to to donate books and tips to recycle them. I came across another website that allows you to swap paperback books.

It's free to be a member. You post books you are willing to giveaway. If someone requests it, you print out a couple of sheets of paper, wrap the book, and pay the postage which they say runs between $2-$2.50. The book is theirs to keep. Vice versa, if you find a book you want, you submit your request.

It's certainly cheaper than Amazon or bookstores, which in my area are dwindling. Borders just closed their doors in my town. I still get books from library book sales but this is a nice option if you don't have access to book sales.

For more information, you can go to

P.S. I included a photo of My Antonia because I just finished this book the other day. Very good read by the way.

Happy Reading!!!

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