Monday, January 31, 2011

Good Will

Months ago, I read a quick sideline article about I'm always open to checking out new websites. This one really intrigued me. I admit that I've become obsessed with this website because I love original artwork and jewelry. I am able to indulge once in a while to purchase an original painting and nice quality jewelry for rock bottom prices. What I love is that I can find some really unique pieces.

Another feature I find fascinating is the antiques section. I've seen a handwritten diary from the 1800's and a scrapbook from the Civil War. There are brand named clothes, accessories and a variety of things for the home. Truly, there's something for everyone. It's amazing what people donate.

Some tips when shopping on Good Will.
  • Pay attention to the payment options. Every Good Will lists different options.
  • Before purchasing, read everything carefully so that you won't be disappointed
  • Log on and you will be able to calculate shipping and handling fees. Sometimes, shipping can be pretty steep. I've backed off bidding for an object because I felt the shipping was astronomical.

Remember one man's trash may be someone else's treasure.

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