Friday, February 4, 2011

Clever Ways to plant seeds

It's time for planting seeds. I found some clever ways to plant seeds using things you might already have at home. I read this in an article on Birds & Blooms.

  • Use a ski pole to form holes for your spring seeds.
  • Drag a chopstick through soil to create a trench for planting seeds.
  • Use a flower sifter to gently cover newly planted seeds with soil.
  • Old plastic film canisters are good for storing dried flower seeds.
  • Use old butter knives for working around those stubborn weeds.
  • Use tree purnings as stakes for new seedlings.

A seed exchange is a great excuse to get your friends together for an afternoon. You can make it really fun and challenge each other to bring in the most unique planter. If a planter is too big to bring along, you can bring a photo of it.

Happy planting!!!

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