Sunday, August 14, 2011

Reusing Plastic Bedding Covers

I often felt guilty when I bought new sheets and comforters because of the packaging. Before I had kids I would keep them until they would pile up never knowing what to use them for, then my intolerance for clutter outweighed my guilt, I would end up throwing them away because they couldn't be recycled.

When I became a mom, my kids received toys with lots of pieces. Sometimes, I secretly suspect that some people purposefully gave my kids gadgets with lots of annoying noises and toys with lots of little parts to drive us crazy.

There wasn't much I could do about the noisy toys but I could tackle the clutter before we were buried in it. When I bought sheets for my son's toddler bed, I realized these sturdy plastic packages finally had a use. This package contains books and cartridges for an electronic reader. The bigger bags come in handy to contain games like Connect4, Chess/Checkers, etc. after the boxes disentigrate from heavy use. And when you're kids outgrow them, they can easily be displayed on a table for your next yard sale or go into the drop off box for Good Will, etc.

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