Friday, September 16, 2011

So excited

Today, I finally took some time for myself and went to Salvation Army then Goodwill. At first, I was bummed because I saw a huge guilded mirror I wanted to paint ivory and hang in my daughter's bedroom. I wanted to make it look shabby chic but it was gone. When will I

ever learn...

I did manage to find two candle sticks that were ceramic and a ceramic plate that matched one of the candle sticks to make a cake plate. I found a recipe tin which I plan on making into a magnet recipe tin. Still had blank recipe cards inside.

Then I found a small hanging white jewelry cabinet that's missing a knob. I plan on painting it hot pink and black. I found the perfect pink jewel knob to match. Will make a cute tween gift. Everything for under $5. I can't wait to get started on these projects. I love going because there are so many things you can repurpose from what people discard. I will post pics as soon as I am done.

A little time, a little ingenuity, and a whole lot of imagination can make something beautiful and useful again. Thrills me every time.

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