Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Achieving Zero Waste Part II

Don't forget to carefully label the bag and store in a cool, dry place until the fall. I keep mine in the basement.
Then, I took the dirt and added it to my compost bin.
Check with your recycling center to see if they will recycle the pot. Another use would be to save it for your spring seed planting. I plant a veggie garden every year and this sturdy pot would be perfect to reuse.
My mother-n-law has a perennial business and is always in need of sturdy pots like this for her seedlings. I keep them in the garage until there is enough of them to drop off. Her customers often return their pots after planting the perennials in their garden. Perhaps you have a local garden center who does the same thing. It might take a few phone calls but then you know for the future where to drop them off.
The packaging is a lime green plastic material that is very sturdy. I will clean it with soap and water. Let dry. It is the perfect color to wrap a small birthday gift or Easter gift. I will use the gold string to tie the gift.
Voila! No waste and better yet, I saved some $$ buy creatively reusing what I have.

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  1. I started a compost pile this year with my fruit and vegetable scraps - but so far its more like a dehydrator/bird feeder. I live in Arizona and most of it dries out to nothing or gets thrown around the yard and eaten by the birds and rabbits. Either way, I guess its not going in the garbage can.