Monday, February 28, 2011

New Uses for Used Bags

Although I try my best to be mindful of the packaging of most of the foods I buy, there are some staples I need that come in plastic bags. If you can't recycle it, repurposing is the next best thing.

As a mom, I used the Diaper Champ and reused grocery plastic bags to line the interior instead of buying a box of plastic bags for the pail. I dreaded changing the bag and sanitizing it in between changes became a huge chore. With my second child, I didn't even use it. And by that time, I began to use cloth bags for my groceries so I collected very few plastic bags anyway.

I threw the pee filled diapers directly in our garbage. But I used bread bags and veggie bags for the poo poo diapers. They were easy to tie off on the end and I threw it in the garbage outside to avoid a stinky diaper pail.

Other bags I found useful were Thomas' English Muffins, cereal bags, and even the plastic bags that held diapers. I just rolled them up in a tight ball or reused a twistie tie close it.

Are there ways you reuse packaging that isn't environmentally friendly? How do you store it? Feel free to add to this post.

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