Saturday, February 4, 2012

Tag...your it

Last year, I challenged myself to only throw one bag of garbage a week. The rest, I either recycled, repurposed, donated, sold at a garage sale, or composted. Whew!
This year, I will share with you all the little things I did to achieve that goal because making gradual changes helped me make them a habit. It took me a few months of pausing when I was about to throw something away and thinking about what I could do with it besides throw it in the garbage. This was no easy task especially since I had one baby in diapers and another toddler. Sometimes, I would overthink it and practically drive myself crazy. Hopefully, I can spare you that overwhelming feeling and keep it simple.
Let's start with an easy task that anyone can do. You know how clothes have several tags attached. I removed the tags from new clothes and recycled the paper tags. You can't recycle the stickers on the leg of pants, plastic tags, or the little plastic piece that attaches the tags but at least they are smaller than the paper tags.
I would also throw the hangers in my hamper that I keep for items I intend to donate to Goodwill. They can always use hangers. Same goes for dry clean hangers. You can recycle the paper that is attached to the metal hanger and either donate to Goodwill or recycle the metal. Whichever is easier.

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