Monday, March 26, 2012

My Heroes

These two guys are my heroes. I just read an article about their innovative idea of creating alternative styrofoam packaging materials from mushrooms in Oprah Magazine.
While they were in college, both guys were working on developing a new type of glue for a class project. Eben Bayer rememered the sticky white substance "mycelium" that is found in old wood piles. He thought why not use it as glue? Their teacher encourage them to go with it. They tinkered with the idea and eventually they created a new product.

After graduation, they started Ecovative Design. Working with big accounts with Dell and Crate & Barrel; they now have a large facility that takes food by-products from surrounding farms. They grow the fungi and let it digest parts of the husks before baking it. The result is a new product that can replace our dependency on Styrofoam.

Their ultimate goal is to rid the planet of harmful materials and create something that can be beneficial to the environment even if it happens to become litter. Check them out at

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