Monday, March 12, 2012

White versus Brown Coffee Filters

No doubt that coffee grounds enrich your compost with the essential Nitrogen element. However, a debate on whether to compost white versus brown coffee filters is often sparked. White coffee filters are bleached. Although I've read on many websites that the bleach has dissipated from the filter by the time it makes the compost pile, I tend to be skeptical about that because I don't see a scientifically based explanation on exactly how that happens.
If you want to play it safe, you can use brown coffee filters or better yet the built in gold coffee filters in which there is no paper waste. I try to buy the brown coffee filters that come in cardboard boxes rather than the plastic wrapping to be mindful of packaging.
I then tear them into strips which can be a messy process. It allows the paper to compost more quickly. I try to blend them in the compost rather than let them sit on top because as the filters dry, they can fly away.
If you need to add more Nitrogen to your soil, consider contacting a local coffee shop. Offer to drop off a clean 5 gallon bucket and figure out an agreeable pick up schedule. Make sure to label the bucket clearly with you name and phone number in case you need to pick up sooner than expected. I bring a tubberware to work and take the coffee grounds from the coffee maker and add that to my compost.
There are lots of little ways to make a big positive impact on our environment. Ask yourself what can you do?

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